Meet our Pastors

Pastor Kris Kauffman

Pastor Kris grew up as a pastor's kid to very loving and Godly parents. During his early adult years, Kris found himself in a dark place of drug and alcohol addiction. After realizing his life was on a path that would lead to nowhere positive, Kris rediscovered a relationship with Jesus who would be his source of freedom from his addictions.
Kris got married to Kelly in 1990. He became an ordained minister in 1993 and has served throughout many areas of ministries throughout the years. In 2008, Family Worship Center of New Castle was birthed with  Pastor Kris and Pastor Kelly  leading the charge.
Pastor Kris is very enthusiastic about sharing Jesus and loving people. His charismatic style of preaching and humorous personality gives him a fresh, unique way of presenting God's message, that is relevant and relatable.

Pastor Kelly Kauffman

Pastor Kelly was raised in a faith-filled home. Kelly grew up on a small horse farm where she had a deep love and passion for horses. In the barn she recalls having some of her most memorable moments talking to God and learning lessons about life. 
Kelly has served in the ministry alongside Kris since they were married in 1990. In 2008, when Family Worship Center of New Castle began it's existence, she continued to partner with Kris to lead and guide our church. In 2020 she became ordained as a minister.
Pastor Kelly is passionate about the church and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone. Kelly's bubbly personality and deep relationship with God combine to give her incredible passion in everything she does.

Who are we?

We are a non-denominational, contemporary Christian church located in downtown New Castle, PA. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming. We strive to model the love and approachability of Jesus.

What does our name mean?

Family - We are a family. We take our name to heart and focus on the importance of relationships with each other.
Worship - The second part of our name states the primary focus and purpose of our existence, to bring our praise and worship to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Joining together as a family, we worship God.

Why Saturday Nights?

Good Question! It is not based on anything religious, but brings along many benefits. It allows us to partner with other churches to be able to support each other. It also allows us to have more time to hang out and fellowship with each other after our services.


Some of our favorite worship songs